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How Many Websites Are There In The World?

The Internet is BIG! Very big. However it is dominated by just a few hundred organisations and their websites. So how big is the Internet? How many websites are there? According to the Netcraft January 2018 Web Server Surveythere are 1,805,260,010 (over 1.8 billion) websites. Yes, the Internet is very big. However, most of those websites get almost no visitors.

The human brain is often compared to a computer, full of bits of information, able to make swift, steady connections. Just like a computer, the brain has many programs like the ones that allow us to move, think and make decisions. To operate, a computer uses software, a set of instructions to tell it what to do.

(This post first appeared in January 2014 and was updated in January 2015, September 2017 and February 2018.)


Image result for hippocampus

The hippocampus is a small organ located within the brain’s medial temporal lobe and forms an important part of the limbic system, the region that regulates emotions. The hippocampus is associated mainly with memory, in particular long-term memory. The organ also plays an important role in spatial navigation.

How Many Websites Are Active?

The size of the Internet can be measured in various ways, including totals such as: How many websites are there? How many domains are registered? How many websites are being used? What are the most popular web sites? How much storage is required to hold all the web data? How much data is transmitted? Etc., etc. The trouble is the Internet is so big that these totals and numbers change all the time. For this brief look at the size of the Internet the total number of websites is examined. In other words you can type a unique domain name into your browser’s address bar and you will get a response.

The January 2018 Netcraft Survey shows a modest rise compared to last years number:

A Yearly Table of the Number of ‘Websites’ in the World

Month and Year Number of Websites
January 2018 1,805,260,010
January 2017 1,800,047,111
January 2016 906,616,188
January 2015 876,812,666
January 2014 861,379,152

When this article was first written in 2014 it used the Netcraft January 2014 Web Server Survey. Then there were 861,379,152 websites. During 2014 the total number of websites exceeded 1 billion for the first time (in September). The number of web sites peaked at 1,028,932,208 in October 2014 before falling back below 900 million. Had the world enough web sites at that time? Especially as mobile phone apps have become so popular as a way of accessing Internet services.

Despite the number of websites staying below a billion for a while, the peak had not been reached. It was not until March 2016 that the billion website mark was broken again, at 1,003,887,790 sites. This time not falling back. Indeed 2016 saw big growths in websites with Microsoft being the big winner. Their web server platforms and Azure cloud offering seemed to be hitting all the right notes. However, as with all things in computing nothing lasts for ever, and the NGINX web server is now on the rise.

  • of 10. Google.com. Google is the world’s most popular search engine. …
  • of 10. Youtube.com. You’ve probably watched a video on YouTube this week, as did plenty of other people. …
  • of 10. Facebook.com. …
  • of 10. Baidu.com. …
  • of 10. Wikipedia.org. …
  • of 10. QQ.com. …
  • of 10. Taobao. …
  • of 10. Yahoo.com.

What is the Total Number of Domains in the World?

Those of you that don’t understand the workings of the Internet may not realise that the 1.8 billion plus website number is just over three times larger than the number of registered domains. Why?

According to the Verisign Domain Name Industry Brief the total number of registered domain names in Q4 2017 was 332.4 million. So 330+ million domains support over 1.8 billion websites. But not all registered domains get used. Some are just registered so that no one else can register them. Some are registered and never used.

When this post was first written in January 2014 the ZMap project, a high speed open source network scanner, had scanned the entire Internet and estimated the total number of hosts at 108 million. Then it was likely that the then 861 million websites were active on 108 million hosts. This is because a domain can be divided into sub-domains. For example a blogging website, such as Blogger, WordPress or  dotifi.com  this website ! , will let a user create a website that hangs of the main domain name, e.g. http://yourwebsite.dotifi.com.     for free !

The January 2019 dotifi Survey reports 17.2 million (17,228,005) web facing computers. So 7.2 million computers serve up 1.8 billion web sites. Most of these sites are static and hardly change. Dotifi estimates that there are  1-2 million active sites (those that get regular changes).This is minus the Dark Web where Millions of robot websites exist  The number of active sites has risen  from  2015. Despite the huge growth in websites only around 10% contribute fresh information to the Internet. That is a lot of underutilized resources and a lot of wasted money.

A Few Hundred Sites Dominate the Internet

Despite there being over 1.8 billion websites only a few hundred dominate the Internet. Less than 1 million, or 0.1%, account for over 50% of web traffic. To get an idea on how much such a small percentage of the total websites dominate look at The Internet Map.

The Internet map

Or Icons of the Web.

Icons of the Web

The website Alexa owned by amazon lists the world’s top websites.

Summary for How Many Websites Are There

As of January 2018:

  • There are 332 million registered domains…
  • for over 1.8 billion websites…
  • served up by 7.2 million computers.

With 1.8 billion websites, if you publish a website it is very unlikely it will get noticed… Unless you are prepared to produce quality content, perform Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and spend on marketing. Or you may get lucky, and be the next big thing, as all the top sites were once.

Dotifi.com  can start you off for free and maybe make you some money too.  The gigagiants won along time ago. But the world is big enough for niche websites. Find your passion and produce good content, keep producing content to fill the niche. Meet the needs of a target audience and promote it on social media. If you get to 50,000+ page views per month you are in the top 0.1% of world websites. 99.9% of websites get almost no traffic. Even the gigagiants started out with no traffic, but they found an idea that worked.


Your brain functions a lot like the Internet or a network of friends, scientists said Tuesday.

Researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study the activity in peoples’ brains and how different regions connect. They conclude the human brain can be visualized as a complex interacting network that relies on nodes to efficiently convey information from place to place.

Very few jumps are necessary to connect any two nodes, the study found.

“This so-called ‘small world’ property allows for the most efficient connectivity,” said Dante Chialvo, a physiologist at Northwestern University.

Other networks — social and biochemical — rely on the same principle.

The scientists measured the degree of correlation between activities in tens of thousands of brain regions. They found that many of the nodes had only a few connections, and a small number of nodes were connected to many others. These “super-connected” nodes act as hubs — as with the Internet or your most gossipy friend — getting the word out quickly and widely.

So maybe, the thinking goes, if you can figure out how the Internet works — or why your gossipy friend succeeds — then you can grasp your own mind.

Or, put more scientifically, these findings of basic principles of brain function suggest “that the underlying properties can be understood using the theoretical framework already advanced in the study of other, disparate, networks,” Chialvo said. The research could help frame other studies of the brain’s role in schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and chronic pain, Chialvo and his colleagues say.

The results were detailed in the Dec. 31 online version of the journal Physical Review Letters.


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russian.com.ng 20/04/2018 20/04/2019 Enabled Cancelled yuan.com.ng 17/04/2016 17/04/2019 Enabled

dotifi.com.ng 07/04/2018 07/04/2019 Enabled

weboga.com.ng 07/04/2018 07/04/2019 Enabled


drop.com.ng 06/04/2018 06/04/2019 Enabled

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isiewu.com.ng 10/03/2017 10/03/2019 Enabled

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So you’ve set up your business’s blog and have published your first post. Now what? Once your site is indexed, the search engines will begin to send you some traffic but there are some things you can do to drive additional traffic to your business blog right from the start.

Ping the Blog Directories 

There is a great site called  retwtr.com and you should be visiting that site every time you add a new post to your blog. retwtr will automatically update a series of blog directories, letting them know you have a new post. Those directories will help to drive targeted traffic to your blog.


register free on retwtr.com

Connect Your Business Website to Your Blog 

Make sure the people visiting your business’s main website know that your blog exists. Create a visible link to your blog so that your customers and potential new clients can participate in the conversations you’re starting with your posts.

Create an RSS Feed 

Make sure your blog has a visible RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed so that your visitors can subscribe. Visitors who subscribe to your blog will be able to quickly and easily read your syndicated posts on their own news readers, even if they don’t visit your blog directly every single day.

Utilize Social Bookmarking Sites 

This part of the process is two-fold. Join a few social bookmarking sites like fbk.com.ng , or reddit.com.ng . Spend time on these sites and bookmark not only your own posts but a few from other blogs as well. Regularly contributing to these sites will increase your credibility and will help to drive traffic back to your blog.

You can also add social bookmarking icons to your blog to encourage your visitors to bookmark your blog posts as well. The more bookmarks each posts receives, the more traffic you’ll receive.

Use Twitter 

Twitter is a great social media tool and every business should have an account. Your Twitter followers may not visit your blog every day but those who are interested will visit your blog if you tweet about your newest posts. Make sure you customize your Twitter page, update your biography, and avoid hard-selling posts.

Update Your Social Media Profiles 

Do you have business accounts on Facebook 9jabook  or LinkedIn? If not, you should. If you do, go back to each profile and add a link to your business website and blog. Many of the people viewing your profiles on these sites will click through to your website for additional information about the products and services you provide.

Update Your Business Cards 

Not all web marketing occurs online. Update your business cards to include your website and blog addresses. Point the web addresses out to the people who take your cards, encouraging them to visit you online at their leisure.

Your business blog will experience a surge in web traffic, but only if you’re willing to put some work into growing your blog and its credibility. Keep posting quality content and network as much as possible. You’ll soon see plenty of new visitors and – eventually – new

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Are you looking for the best free WooCommerce plugins for WordPress? WooCommerce, just like WordPress, comes with thousands of extensions and plugins. These plugins add new features to your eCommerce store and help you grow your business. In this article, we have hand-picked the best free WooCommerce plugins for WordPress that you can try right away.

Best Free WooCommerce Plugins

If you haven’t started your online store yet, then we have a step by step guide on how to start an online store with WooCommerce. It walks you through how to choose the best WooCommerce hosting, install WooCommerce, select a theme, and everything that you need.

Having that said, let’s take a look at the best free WooCommerce plugins for WordPress.

1. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is the most powerful conversion optimization software in the market. It helps you convert abandoning website visitors into subscribers and customers.

You can use it on your eCommerce website to reduce cart abandonment, increase sales conversion, grow your email list, show targeted website messages, onsite retargeting, and more.

If you’re serious about growing your email list and boosting sales, then you need this conversion optimization optimization toolkit.

2. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce wishlist plugin allows your customers to save products to their wishlist. They can use the wishlist to make the purchase later or share their wishlist with friends and family.

This is a perfect addon for your online store during busy holiday seasons when people are making their shopping lists and purchasing gifts.

3. WooCommerce Multilingual

WooCommerce Multilingual

Non-English WordPress websites surpassed the English WordPress websites in 2014. Since then more WooCommerce stores are created in languages other than English. WooCommerce Multilingual adds compatibility layer with the popular WPML WordPress multilingual plugin.

This allows you to translate your product and other WooCommerce pages in multiple languages. Your customers can choose to browse your website in their preferred language.

4. WooCommerce Products Slider

WooCommerce Products Slider

WooCommerce Products Slider allows you to easily create beautiful product sliders and carousels and add them anywhere on your WooCommerce store.

5. WooCommerce Customizer

WooCommerce Customizer

WooCommerce Customizer provides an easy user-interface to use built-in WooCommerce filters. These filters allow you to customize things like button text, labels, fields, and much more.

Normally, you would have to write PHP code to use these filters. With WooCommerce customizer, you can easily use those filters from a simple settings page (no coding necessary).

6. WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance

WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance

As the name suggests, this simple plugin makes your WooCommerce shop compliant with the new EU VAT. It will automatically detect your customer’s location and will display prices with correct VAT from the first page.

7. Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Order Delivery Date

This plugin allows users to choose a delivery date for products during the checkout. WooCommerce store owners can see the desired delivery date on their orders page in the admin area.

8. YITH WooCommerce Quick View

YITH WooCommerce Quick View

WooCommerce Quick View allows your customers to peek into product details by simply taking their mouse over a button. This enables customers to quickly get the product information without leaving the product listings or shop page.

Users will be able to see a larger product image, product description, and an add to cart button in a lightbox popup.

9. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

 Download WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

This nifty plugin allows you to send PDF invoices and packing slips to customers via email. Users can also download their invoices and slips from their account area. As a site admin, you can also bulk generate invoices, download them, and email them to users from an admin area.

10. YITH WooCommerce Compare

WooCommerce Compare

As the name suggests, this plugin allows your customers to compare two or more WooCommerce products side by side. You can choose which fields users will see in the comparison table and reorder them as needed.

11. WooCommerce Menu Bar Cart

WooCommerce Menu Bar Cart

Normally, your WooCommerce theme would prominently display a cart button at the top. However, if your theme doesn’t show a cart button, or you don’t like its placement, then WooCommerce Menu Cart will fix this for you.

It allows you to add the cart button into your WordPress navigation menu. It works with any WordPress theme and will display cart icon, items and price in your navigation menu.

12. YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

Ajax Product Search

Speed is crucial for the success of any website, particularly for online stores. A single second delay in page load can significantly increase cart abandonment and lower user engagement.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search offers a powerful search feature to instantly display products as users start typing. It uses Ajax to fetch the results which means your users can search without leaving the page they are currently viewing.

See also: Proven tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

13. MailChimp for WooCommerce

MailChimp for WooCommerce

MailChimp is one of the top email marketing services in the world. MailChimpfor WooCommerce is their official WooCommerce extensions that integrates email marketing into your ecommerce website.

14. WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

Do you want to add custom fields to WooCommerce checkout page? The WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin allows you to easily add, customize, and rearrange fields on the checkout page of your online store.

This allows you to customize the whole checkout experience for your customers and use the data to grow your business.

15. Minimum Purchase for WooCommerce

Minimum Purchase for WooCommerce

Minimum Purchase for WooCommerce allows you to setup minimum purchase rules to your products. You can add rules for a single product or create rules for a product group.

The plugin also allows you to apply rules on minimum purchase amount or quantity, set different rules based on user role, and set up custom messages to display when rules are not matched.

16. WooCommerce Gift Cards

WooCommerce Gift Cards

Gift cards for WooCommerce allows you to add gift cards to your online store. Your customers will be able to purchase gift cards of different amounts and give them to their friends and family who then apply the gift card when shopping on your store.

You can setup gift cards of different pricing and sell them as virtual products. When a customer applies the gift card on purchase, the equivalent amount is deducted from their bill.

17. WooCommerce Currency Switcher

WooCommerce Currency Switcher

As the name suggests, this plugin allows your customers to easily switch currencies and get real time conversion rates in their local currency. You can add the currency switcher by using the shortcode or a sidebar widget.

18. WooCommerce Colors

WooCommerce Colors

WooCommerce Colors adds a WooCommerce section to the theme customizer where you can change the color of buttons and other WooCommerce elements. It is simple and highly useful if you want to customize WooCommerce elements without adding any custom CSS.

19. WooCommerce Products Filter

WooCommerce Products Filter

WooCommerce Products Filter allows your site customers to filter products by categories, attributes, product tags, product custom taxonomies, and price. You can add the filter anywhere using the shortcode or the sidebar widget.

20. WooCommerce Shortcodes

WooCommerce Shortcodes

WooCommerce comes with a bunch of shortcodes that you can use throughout your website to add products, buttons, and more. The WooCommerce Shortcodes plugin adds a drop down in your WordPress visual editor, allowing you to easily select and insert shortcodes in content areas like post, page, or products.

21. Booster for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Booster

Booster for WooCommerce allows you to add several useful features to your WooCommerce website that allow you to run your online store more efficiently. It uses a modular approach similar to Jetpack and acts like a plugin suite with tons of features.

22. Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce

Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce

Normally, product pages require users to scroll down to view more information. Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce allows you to divide product description and details into tabs. This helps users switch to the section they want to view while making sure that your website looks neat and organized.

Bonus Plugins

These plugins are not free, but we believe they are highly useful for any WooCommerce store.

23. WooMarketing Bundle

WooCommerce WooMarketing Bundle

The Woo Marketing bundle is a pack of WooCommerce marketing extensions developed and maintained by the folks behind WooCommerce. It includes email marketing, dynamic pricing, smarter discounts, transaction emails, Facebook retargeting, and more.

24. Woo Pack & Ship Bundle

Woo Pack & Ship Bundle

If you pack and ship products to customers, then you’ll need this bundle. It is maintained by the WooCommerce team and includes extensions like invoices, packing slips, customize shipping options, product kits, multi-address shipping, track shipping, and more.

Purchasing this bundle also gives you access to the WooCommerce 360° images extension, WooCommerce Storefront and all its child themes.

We hope this article helped you find some of the best free WooCommerce plugins for your online store. You may also want to see our expert pick of the best WooCommerce themes for your ecommerce website.

If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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There are many innovative technologies, presently helping companies to grow rapidly. One

of them is asterisk PBX system, which is an open-source PBX platform and completely integrated with Linux. to make it interoperable with other modern applications. From small organizations to multi-national companies (MNCs), these solutions are offering immense benefits to the company for their consistent growth in the industry.

  • Systemini Telecom’s asterisk solutions are well-developed and integrated with advanced calling features. They can help companies experience a new world of business communication without spending huge expenses.
  • From BPOs to MNCs, Systemini Telecom’s solutions are suitable for every requirement of the company. With good network support and services, these systems will never your business productivity down and keep the infrastructure maintained.

Top Features

Call Features

Asterisk solutions are compatible with all the latest technologies like VoIP (voice over IP), reducing the need of expensive traditional PBX systems. The most common features of IVR systems are:

  1. High-quality Call recording
  2. Call monitoring and automatic data saving
  3. Call Authentication
  4. Call forward on no answer
  1. Call routing through high-quality channels
  2. Call waiting and transfer
  3. High-definition Call Conferencing
  4. Call Snooping
  1. Call Waiting
  2. Do not disturb
  3. Blacklisting numbers
  4. Caller ID on call waiting

Integrated Features

  1. Database integration and management
  2. IVR (interactive voice response) integration
  3. Remote access from different locations
  1. Music on hold
  2. Voicemail
  1. Speech recognition
  2. Auto-attendant


  1. Google Talk
  2. SIP (session initiation protocol) trunking
  3. UNIStim
  4. IAX™
  1. Jingle/XMPP
  2. SCCP (Cisco&® Skinny®)
  3. MGCP
  4. H.323

Along with its costs-saving benefits, asterisk PBX solution is also very versatile option having great set of features and functions comparatively to other solutions. These solutions are completely integrated with VoIP technology, so they use internet services with good bandwidth and signal strength.

Strengths of Our Asterisk Solutions

Our asterisk solutions come with a great scope of business expansion and assure that your company can get maximum profits from their services. These systems will also help you to execute other operations more efficiently with superior quality.

The two main factors on which the strength of these systems depends are ‘Quality’ and ‘Time Management’. From past few years, we have been maintaining a great reputation in the industry and still going great towards building core strengths in the industry.

  • Modern but flexible Infrastructure
  • Dedicated team of PBX experts
  • Focus is on 100% customer satisfaction
  • Varied range of Clientele
  • Immense experience in VoIP Solutions

While using Asterisks applications, the voice features will remain the same as the way they work in traditional PBX. However, additional features will come up because these systems are integrated with VoIP technology.

Where you can utilize Our Asterisk Solutions?

There are many applications of Asterisk systems such as building multi-protocol channels, real-time business interactions and other relevant solutions. These applications are very useful to reduce the complexities in business communication. As a result, companies will be able to concentrate on unique innovations and solutions in the organization.

Here are some commonly used applications of asterisk software, integrated with latest technologies and advance features:

  • IVR Server
  • IP PBX (Business Phone Systems)
  • VoIP Gateway
  • Conference Bridge
  • Voicemail Server
  • Call Center

These advanced PBX systems are completely compatible with every latest technology and services. They are affordable to deploy and seamlessly operational with superior quality. Traditional phone systems don’t have much convenience as compared to asterisk technology. Hence, they provide strength in communication of an organization effortlessly, with high-standard reliability.








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Established in 2015, Dotifi Domains From Tweeterest is proud to be serving the African * International Domain Industry for over 2 years. A spin Off From Tweeterest Digital An Online Marketing & Web Application Firm  Which has been in Business Since 2009. We take great pride in our ability to work fast and develop long-term relationships with our clients. We are the leaders in domain financing Sales Rent or Lease/Hosting in West Africa and we look forward to seeing how our services can help your company grow.

Domain name owners who need a ready source of asset-based, working capital.

Domain name owners who wish to acquire premium domain names for their own use or to trade in the domain name aftermarket: An important source of leveraged capital, reduced time to market, a partner with an understanding of the internet.

Dotifi Domains From Tweeterest shortens the sales cycle and provides a potential source of high margin revenue, while it provides an important, value-added service to their clients.

About Dotifi Dotifi Domains From Tweeterest is the first and only financial services company to offer financing to businesses based on the inherent and recognized value of premium domain names in Africa . Our vision is to innovate exciting new financial products and services designed to enable entrepreneurs to exploit new business models.

Experience – Dotifi Domains ’s ability to innovate a bold new form of asset-based financing is a natural extension of its history: providing technology leasing to SMES and Even Fortune 500 companies.

Our experience at providing Technology Assistance and financial services to organizations in highly competitive, fast-paced industries, and to forge close, working partnerships with customers, is the foundation for our reputation of quality, trust, integrity, and market leadership.

Key Staff Abiel John Balogun – CEO /COO Abiel John Balogun received his Bachelor of Science From the University of Benin in Computer Science . He has Headed Linkserve Limited Nigeria Premiers Internet Service Provider as Manager Networks Joined Standard Chartered Bank as Head of Electronic Banking . Worked as a Sales Consultant for ALICO London and is The Founder of Tweeterest Digital & Systemini Technologies .Well Versed in Varied Internet Technologies like DNS CPANEL PHP JAVA and Web Design Content Management Systems

He is a member of NIRA Nigerian Internet Registration Association THE BCS British computer Society and Rotary Victoria island Lagos Nigeria

Ade Sanda – CFO INTERNATIONAL Ade Sanda Has a BSC in Accounting and Is a Chartered Accountant and SCRUM Business Analyst .He is a Financial Services Consultant Based in Luxembourg and The UK

Noelene joshua – Chief Marketing Officer An Alumnus of The University of Lagos Nigeria With A BSC in Marketing and Scrum Certification.She Joined the Company 2 years Ago as a Freelance Marketer and Rose to her Present Position. She is Based in the US

DOTIFI DOMAINS dots@tweeterest.com www.dotifi.com www.wedeyhost.com 44 LEKKI ROAD LEKKI LAGOS NIGERIA

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Start a Local Business Directory & Coupon Website Make money promoting local businesses, coupons, and events in your community. Get Started Now Start a Local Business Directory& Coupon Website Start Your Own Business – Be Your Own Boss!

Start Your Own Business – Be Your Own Boss! Starting your own business has never been easier. A local business directory and coupon website is a great way to earn money while supporting local businesses in your community. Local merchants pay you to be featured on your website and promote their coupons and deals to nearby shoppers. The more listings and ads you sell – the more money you make!

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PICTURED: The drab country gas station that sold winning

$1.54 billion Mega Millions jackpot ticket

  • KC Mart in Simpsonville, South Carolina sold winning Mega Millions ticket
  • The rural convenience store is down a country road from a Baptist church
  • Store owner CJ Patel will get $30,000, which he says he’ll split among his staff
  • South Carolina allows winners to remain anonymous; no one has come forward

This is the drab roadside gas station that sold a small slip of paper that is now worth $1.54 billion.

The KC Mart in Simpsonville, South Carolina sold the ticket that matched all six numbers for Tuesday’s blockbuster Mega Millions drawing, lottery officials said on Wednesday morning.

The store, at a lonely rural junction 15 miles outside of Greenville in the northwest part of the state, was mobbed by media and looky-loos as lottery representatives strung up a banner reading ‘Luck Struck Here!’

Shop owner CJ Patel estimates that after taxes he’ll get about $30,000 for selling the lucky ticket – state law caps the payout to shopkeepers at $50,000.

The store, at a lonely rural junction 15 miles outside of Greenville in the northwest part of the state, is just down the road from a Baptist church (file photo)

The store, at a lonely rural junction 15 miles outside of Greenville in the northwest part of the state, is just down the road from a Baptist church (file photo)

South Carolina Education Lottery COO Tony Cooper (left) and KC Mart owner CJ Patel (right) speak to reporters on Wednesday about the winning ticket sold at the store

South Carolina Education Lottery COO Tony Cooper (left) and KC Mart owner CJ Patel (right) speak to reporters on Wednesday about the winning ticket sold at the store

Patel tells the Greenville News that he plans to split his cut among the store’s four employees.

‘Hopefully it will bring us more business,’ Patel said of selling the lucky ticket.

South Carolina allows lottery winners to remain anonymous, and so far no one has come forward to claim the jackpot. Patel said he was unable to offer any clues.

‘I have no clue. No idea. We had a lot of customers yesterday, so I have no idea,’ he said, fending off questions about the lucky winner’s identity.

Some KC Mart customers on Wednesday were hoping some Mega Millions luck would rub off as they played the Powerball.

‘Sell me another lucky one. Now I know y’all have it!’ Chase Hatcher said, trading smiles across the counter with Jee and Twinkle Patel.

South Carolina is one of eight states – along with Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio and Texas – where winners can remain anonymous. The winner also has up to 180 days to claim the prize.

Media camp outstide the he KC Mart in Simpsonville, South Carolina, on Wednesday after it was announced the winning Mega Millions lottery ticket was purchased at the store

Media camp outstide the he KC Mart in Simpsonville, South Carolina, on Wednesday after it was announced the winning Mega Millions lottery ticket was purchased at the store

It appears that thus far no one has claimed the prize, with anxious officials sending out at tweet on Wednesday morning pleading with the winner to contact them.

‘Our message to the $1.5 BILLION #Mega Millions jackpot winner: Sign the back of the ticket, place the ticket in a safe location, speak with a trusted advisor and CALL THE LOTTERY at 1-866-736-9819,’ the tweet read. ‘Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment!’

The prize is extraordinary by any measure, but particularly so for South Carolina, where it would be enough for an exceedingly generous winner to shower roughly $307 on each of the state’s five million people.

It’s about as much as 20 percent of the $8 billion that state lawmakers have to spend each year.

An earlier Mega Millions estimate of $1.6 billion would have been a world record for lotteries, but actual sales came in below the $1.586 billion Powerball jackpot prize shared by winners in California, Florida and Tennessee in January of 2016.

A customer, who did not want to be identified, displays the $200 worth of Mega Millions tickets he bought at Downtown Plaza convenience store in Oklahoma City on Tuesday

A customer, who did not want to be identified, displays the $200 worth of Mega Millions tickets he bought at Downtown Plaza convenience store in Oklahoma City on Tuesday

U.S. Mega Millions jackpot grows to record $1.6billion

‘The final total was less than the $1.6 billion estimate,’ confirmed Carol Gentry, a spokeswoman for the Maryland Lottery, which leads a consortium of state lotteries participating in the Mega Millions jackpot.

‘Estimates are based on historical patterns,’ she explained Wednesday morning in a phone interview.

‘The jackpot’s been rolling since it was hit in July in California, but there are few precedents for a jackpot of this size. Typically, about 70 percent of sales occur on the drawing day, so forecasting precise numbers in advance can be difficult. That’s why we always use the term estimate.’

The ticket is worth about $877.8 million in a lump-sum cash payment, which most winners choose to take, rather than collect the full amount in annual payments over three decades.

The Mega Millions jackpot is now $1.6 billion—here’s who won the 5 biggest US lottery prizes ever

Although investing is one of the smartest ways to grow your wealth, it’s not the only way. A lucky few become instant multimillionaires thanks to the lottery.

If you want to take a chance on joining them, Tueday’s Mega Millions jackpotis now $1.6 billion, the highest jackpot ever.

Lottery winners can choose to receive the money in either an annuity — annual allotments over 30 years — or to get it all at once in a single payment for a smaller amount. For example, the lump sum on the $1.6 billion jackpot would be $904.9 million, according to lottery site USAMega.com. If a single winner takes the single payment, the federal tax withholding would be over $217.2 million. Then, there can be state taxes too.

Still, not too shabby for buying a $2 ticket.

Here are the top five prizes ever won.

1. $1.586 billion (Powerball)

There were three winning tickets for history’s biggest prize, which was drawn on Jan. 13, 2016, according to CNN Money.

John and Lisa Robinson in Tennessee, Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt in Florida and Marvin and Mae Acosta in California all had the option of roughly $533 million before taxes as an annuity or $327.8 million as the lump-sum payment.

The Robinsons’ winning ticket was one of four they bought at a grocery store, they tell NBC’s TODAY show. They opted to take the lump sum. “We’re not guaranteed tomorrow,” says John.

In Florida, Smith and Kaltschmidt also picked the lump sum. At the time they planned to get massages, upgrade their truck and retire with the newfound wealth, according to NBC.

The Acostas remained anonymous for months after winning, but released a statement saying they were thankful for the “rare gift that has been placed in our care.”

2. $758.7 million (Powerball)

Mavis L. Wanczyk was announced as the winner of the $758.7 Million Powerball Jackpot in August of 2017. 

Boston Globe | Getty Images
Mavis L. Wanczyk was announced as the winner of the $758.7 Million Powerball Jackpot in August of 2017.

Mavis L. Wanczyk of Chicopee, Massachusetts, claimed the winning ticket for the $758.7 million Powerball jackpot in August of 2017. Shortly after, she called up her employer at Mercy Medical Center, where she had worked for 32 years, and quit.

“I’ve called them and told them I will not be coming back,” she told NBC.

She decided to take the lump sum for the prize, accepting $480.5 millionbefore taxes.

3. $656 million (Mega Millions)

Merle Butler, right, standing next to his wife Patricia Butler, holds up the winning Lottery ticket, Wednesday, April 18, 2012.

Belleville News-Democrat | Getty Image
Merle Butler, right, standing next to his wife Patricia Butler, holds up the winning Lottery ticket, Wednesday, April 18, 2012.

In March 2012, Mega Millions also had three winning tickets.

Illinois winners Merle and Patricia Butler claimed $218.6 million of the winnings.

In Maryland, a state that allows lottery winners to remain anonymous, three school employees claimed their share under the name “The Three Amigos.”

The third winner in Kansas remains anonymous.

4. $648 million (Mega Millions)

Ira Curry of Georgia and Steve Tran of California both won the December 2013 Mega Millions lottery.

Tran called his boss to say “I don’t think I’m going to come in today, tomorrow or ever,” according to NBC Bay Area. Jennifer’s Gift Shop, where Tran bought several tickets, received $1 million for selling the winner — a perk given in several states.

Curry bought her tickets as a last-minute decision and selected a combination of family birthdays and her lucky number seven.

Both went with the lump sum option of $173 million.

5. $590.5 million (Powerball)

In May 2013, Gloria Mackenzie in Florida won a jackpot worth about $590 million, at the time making history as the biggest jackpot to be won by only one person. She chose to receive the one-time payment of about $370 million before taxes.

“It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person,” one of her neighbors toldNBC.

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